Sky Water India Private Limited is a Hyderabad based Company, is a joint venture company between BS Enviro Solutions LTD (BSES), Hyderabad, India and Stamekon Holding Limited, Cyprus. The Company is a Global Leader in Atmospheric Water Technology. Established in 2008, is a manufacturing setup focused on the manufacturing and marketing of air – to – water machines. Sky Water is focused on bringing clean, pure, fresh water to the people of India and the world. It’s water development center and manufacturing site are located at Jodimetla, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India.

SkyWater India Private Limited (SWI) offers a patented atmospheric water generator that works by converting water vapor in the air into fresh and clean liquid water. Additionally, Skywater India has created a hybrid system (atmospheric water & biomass power generator) for implementation in rural & tribal agency areas to provide clean drinking water and electricity.

We at Skywater are working with various governments in providing the best of our abilities in working towards a better future for our denizens at the grass root levels.

The company sells its entire range through its distributors in several countries in America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, South East and Australia and is presently planning to expand its international network to S. America, Australia and South Asia. The company also looks forward to working with NGOs and international bodies to provide safe drinking water to areas that need it the most.